Some random panoramas

Here are a few random panoramas that I've taken and stitched together using Hugin. Most were taken with my TZ5 (compact) camera, and so aren't the highest quality, but it was the camera I had with me at the time. Don't look too closely at the stitching as I sometimes introduced parallax issues by moving (and the chap in yellow on the bike appears twice in the last image; the risks of moving people!)

Click on each image to see the full-size version

Sea of Galilee and a wheatfield near Capernaum, April 2009

Sea of Galilee looking towards Tiberias, April 2009

Jerusalem as seen from the Mount of Olives, April 2009

Dead Sea as seen from Masada, April 2009

Hills around Bethlehem as seen from the Herodium, April 2009

Judean wilderness, April 2009

Mittelallalin (3456m), highest revolving restaurant in the world, Saas Fee, Switzerland, January 2009

Morenia mid-station, Saas Fee, Switzerland, January 2009

Southbank, London, January 2009

Wimpole Hall April 2009

Mill pond, Cambridge, August 2008

Parker's piece, Cambridge, August 2008

Market place and Guildhall, Cambridge, August 2008

Kings College Chapel, Cambridge, August 2008