Jon's virtual tour of Melbourne

Pictures from my 2006 visit

Pictures from my 1996 visit

Well, since I'm here in Melbourne (note, pronounced Melbun by locals) for a little while longer, I thought I'd present you with some snaps from my travels so far. I haven't yet found a map of the city on-line, so you'll have to work out where's where from the Rialto Towers photos :-)

Office in Lt Collins St 1. The office Here's a view of the city taken from the Rialto Towers, which is a block away from where I'm working in Little Collins St. You can see the Daimaru complex towering in the top-left corner, and the cone of Melbourne Central at the bottom and right. Our office is the one cut in half by sunlight diagonally, in the lower left of the photo. As you can see, even on the 15th floor, we're dwarfed by other buildings! Thackray Street 2. Thackray Street is located in the leafy suburb of Camberwell, not far from Doncaster. (To a pom, this appears very strange, since we have such places back in Pommie-land). I'll probably snip and move this to the top of my home page when I've got time.
Melbourne Central 3. Near my apartment Here's a close-up of the Daimaru building and Melbourne central, with a passing tram in the foreground. Melbourne Central is a massive shopping mall, well worth a visit, especially to see the clock chime on the hour. My apartment is just behind Melbourne Central. Hanging Rock 4. `Five go to Hanging Rock' We didn't see any koalas or kangaroos, although we looked hard. There was a film made about Hanging Rock, although I've never seen it.
Sandringham beach 5. On the beach at Sandringham, near Brighton. I think I was looking for an ice-cream van at the time. Flinders St Station 6. Flinders Street railway station is spectacuarly Victorian (both because it was built then, and also because everyone and thing in the state of Victoria is Victorian! Melbourne is Victoria's capital). Isn't this such cool architecture?
Port Philip Bay 7. Port Philip Bay seen from the Rialto Towers. You can see Albert Park (and the lake) on the left-hand side, where the Grand Prix was held a couple of months ago. St Kilda beach is somewhere on the coastline. River Yarra 8. River Yarra Looking down the river from the Rialto Towers again. Flinders Street railway terminus is visible in the foreground. You can also see the Dandenong Ranges in the background.
Telstra buildings 9. Telstra buildings The Telstra (telecom) buildings seen from Falstaff Gardens, near Fitzroy. View from office 10. View from 15th floor office balcony.

jrmt, 20th April 1996.