Some excellent free fonts I'd recommend

It doesn't cease to amaze me that so many people are creating fonts and making them available on the Internet for free. Some of them are just gorgeous, well kerned, stylish, and consistent with the principles of good typography. I've not done any DTP for a while, but it's a pleasure to use them appropriately, not to excess, on various web pages. FontSquirrel and DaFont are good sources of free fonts, and is a good place to search for excellent fonts, although most are not free.

Here are a few of my favourites: Scriptina, Riesling, Jane Austen, Angelina, and FFF Tusj, which is a hand-sketched version of "Georgia". This last one really only works in large font sizes. Many of these fonts are only possible using the OpenType specification, which is superior to Apple's TrueType format, and allows for overlapping characters and better ligatures.