Photos of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Arches national park, Arizona, Utah, etc

Panorama of Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Panorama This 180 degree panorama was taken with five consecutive shots, half an hour prior to sunset, looking north, on 15th February 1997. Panning across the shot, one can see the change in shadows across the various mesas and buttes, and the river can be spotted near either end, when the canyon curves allowing a more vertical cross section view. Yes, I know the joins are visible - I'll have to touch it up with PhotoShop :-)

Frozen lake at 9123 East Mississippi Ave, Denver, CO The frozen lake at the Breakers taken one crisp Colorado morning. Royal Gorge, near Canon City, CO Royal Gorge, near Canon City, Colorado and the highest suspension bridge in the world!
Gold Digger ski run, Copper Mountain, CO Gold Digger ski run, Copper Mountain, Colorado Taken just before some more Deep Tree and Powder Therapy (tm) Landscape arch, Moab, UT Landscape arch, Moab, Utah is likely to fall down shortly!
Colorado river, near Moab, Utah Colorado river, near Moab, Utah. A few hundred miles before the Colorado river enters the Canyon, it looks like this. Wall Arch, Arches National Park, UT Wall Arch, Arches National Park, Utah
Arizona, near Mexican Hat Arizona, near Mexican Hat. One can discern the back of the Colorado Front Range mountains in the background. Monument valley, looking towards Utah Monument valley, looking towards Utah
Monument valley approach Monument valley approach. According to Jon, this view is famous as seen on: the cover of 'Best of Eagles', Wrigleys chewing gum advert, and in Forest Gump. Overhang at Hopi point, GC Overhang at Hopi point, Grand Canyon
Bright Angel trail Bright Angel trail is 10 miles from top to bottom. It's not recommended to go to the river and back in a day, although I did. The top of the path was very icy. Colorado river, near Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon Colorado river, near Phantom Ranch After 3 hours and 6000 vertical feet of walking, I finally saw the Colorado river once more. Even looking up, it's very difficult to judge the scale of the Canyon.
Desert View lookout Desert View lookout Me at the canyon edge Me at the canyon edge, posing.

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